Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Are Ok

I didn't think I'd have to be using this blog for such serious purposes, but want to let everyone know that we are ok--thank you for your thoughts and prayers. There were some very scary hours this morning when I couldn't reach Steve, who would normally have been at work by 7, but today had to take a financial exam at 8:30, which was located near one of the tube stops that had the explosion.

Thankfully, his parents were able to reach him around 1:00 to let me know that he was ok since we can't reach anyone locally on the phones here. Apparently, he got off the tube to get to the exam site just moments before the first explosion. It seems like everywhere we move, terror follows. As many of you are aware, we had just moved back to NY from London, living three blocks away from the WTC when those attacks happened three months later. At that time, Steve (who worked across the street at the Financial Center and saw it all happen) was missing all day, and I was trampled amidst a running mass on the way to the subway going to work. So this is very much deja vu for us, though thankfully not of the same magnitude and we're both unharmed this time and don't have to evacuate our home.

Thank you again for thinking of us...I am still trying to reach some of my London friends who commute during rush hour on the tube, so am hoping they are as lucky as we were.